About Us

Started in 2020 by three dynamic ladies, High Q labels are fast becoming the preferred labelling company of choice in the industry. Offering fast and excellent service with impeccable turnaround times we are setting our sights on becoming the best of the best.

We print and supply plain and full-colour labels to a wide variety of industries. Get your self-adhesive labels from High Q Labels and be assured that you are getting labels of the highest quality at the best price!

We strive for perfection in all stages- from production all the way through to handing the final product over to our valuable clients. 

One of the most important factors is appearance. Labelling is one of the most important marketing tools of your brand and when using colourful and captivating products such as self-adhesive labels, it changes the product into one that is stylish and attractive.

Consumers’ buying decision greatly depends on a product’s appearance. Every company spends substantial time in choosing the perfect label for its products. Our products will be able to satisfy these requirements.

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